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Residential & Retail

Combined Electrical has had extensive experience working on large buildings and apartment complexes across the Territory. These projects include: SOHO, Pandanis, Coolalinga, Admiralty House, RM Williams and more. Combined Electrical enjoys the challenge of these fast-paced projects that require advanced planning for both materials and labor resource. Our project management systems have evolved over several years to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our delivery systems allow us to quickly scale the team to supplement the core delivery team when required.



Key projects

2016 PR Morris Group c/- Irwin Consult Oasis Shopping Centre Palmerston Car Park Lighting - Refurbishment 2
2014/2015 Gwelo Developments SOHO Apartments 6
2014 Gwelo Developments Coolalinga Stage 1(Pavilion)
2013 Gwelo Developments Coolalinga Residential Tenancies 2
2012 Craft Beer Australia Pty Ltd Precinct Tavern Darwin Waterfront 2



Featured case study

Soho Apartments

Soho is the world’s tallest modular building and is located here in Darwin. At 29 levels, the recently constructed Soho apartments set a new record. Constructed from level seven upwards in whole apartment pre-fabricated modules, this building pushes the boundaries of modular construction.The builder/developer, Gwelo Developments, have taken vision and enterprise to new boundaries with the project incorporating 21 modular floors built on a podium...

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