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Combined Electrical support the Adelaide River Races

Managing Director of Combined Electrical, Jeff Rees has been supporting the Adelaide River community for over thirty years.

Moving to Adelaide River in 1985 to commence work as an electrical contractor, Jeff worked on mines and multiple cattle stations including Tipperary, Litchfield and Elizabeth Downs stations. He also provided domestic electrical services to both Adelaide River and Batchelor communities.

During this time he and his wife became involved in the local community. Living in Adelaide River it was almost expected that you would socialise at The Adelaide River Show Society (ARSS). Run by a group of hardworking volunteers, anchored by long-time local families, the ARSS club was a social must.

A lot of hard work was put in by dedicated volunteers leading up to the major yearly events including the Adelaide River Show, Cup race day, and rodeo. Being a part of the club and these working parties during their time in Adelaide River provided a sense of community for Jeff and his wife that was something really special at the time.

After leaving Adelaide River in 1990, and forming Combined Electrical in 1992 with his business partner for the following 25 years, Nelson Deuble, the opportunity came up in the early 2000’s to sponsor a race at the Adelaide River Cup day meeting.

Since then Combined Electrical have sponsored a race each year, with the opportunity arising in 2016 to sponsor the main race, the Adelaide River Races “Combined Electrical” Cup.

This year is Combined Electrical’s third year as the Major Sponsor of the Cup race day, and the feature race. This special event is set in a beautiful shaded setting and features a seven-race program. It is a social event the entire family can enjoy. The Adelaide River Races “Combined Electrical” Cup promotes cultural, recreational, sporting, and social activities in the region.

The main reason that Combined Electrical took up the sponsorship, and continue to do so, is to support the hard working volunteers of the ARSS club and the local community, that Jeff so enjoyed being a part of, and to help perpetuate a long standing Territory institution. Having personally experienced the amount of work that the volunteers put into the day, the history of the day, and how much the day means to so many people, resonates very strongly with Jeff and the team at Combined Electrical.