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Thermal Imaging

Electricity plays a vital role in any business environment. Feel confident that CE knows the value of having the right tool available for the job. Infrared thermal imaging is one of the most effective tools available to help you detect, trouble shoot and fix electrical problems and in turn, prevent costly shutdowns and outages before they occur.


How It Works


Electrical equipment has a known ability to heat up prior to failing. Hiding potential issues right up until the problem occurs. Fortunately, thermal imaging cameras instantly make these hidden ‘hot spots’ clearly visible at the time of investigation to allow the opportunity to assess, review and plan repairs before they turn critical. Their superior image quality helps to identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems thus providing crucial preventative and predictive maintenance.





How It Can Benefit


Thermal imaging tool in use

You CE can provide scanning of electrical switchboards, breaker panels, fuses, connections and switch gear with results being an instant picture of impending trouble that could otherwise be missed. As thermal image testing is conducted at a safe distance without the need to touch and probe energized components, CE can ensure the continued operation of your home or business enterprise without unnecessary interruption. Following the inspection, CE provides a comprehensive thermography report that includes complete documentation of thermal patterns detected in your equipment, structure or system.


     thermal imaging report

This report uses a subjective evaluation to help you prioritise repairs to provide the greatest return from this inspection. Ultimately, we quickly quantify the problems seen in the image so you know when equipment has exceeded its temperature limit and needs to be taken offline for repair or replacement. In addition to this, CE can also provide scheduled maintenance to further proof your business. Contact CE today on 8924 9700 and speak with our trained personnel regarding the benefits of thermal imagining for your business.







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