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Is Your Business Communications System Bugged?


In today's working environment, a functional data system is an important aspect for any business operating in todays faced paced society.
To ensure that your business communication system functions to its full potential, CE officers a professional, accurate and documented solution to assess, trouble shoot and correct any problems.
CE value the importance of having the right tools for the job and utilise a Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyser to provide cable testing and certification across a myriad of scenarios.

How It Works

DSX 500The DSX 5000 is an electronic device used to verify connections, condition and wired assembly of cables.
Trained staff will test each individual cable from its source point (head end) to the final location (field outlet).
Confirmation of cable connections, missing connections, cross over connections, poor terminations, cable breaks and short circuits are identified by way of a signal sent down individual cables which in turn provides the required outcomes. Dedicated diagnostics greatly reduce the time required to fix any cabling faults.

Test results report

All testing results are automatically recorded by the DSX 5000 unit providing unmatched analysis of test results, professional test reports and accurate, error free certification.

Don't let bad communications hinder your business!


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